9Magnetec IP & Research is an efficient, affordable, and effective IP service provider to convert your ideas into products. Our team works on the latest technologies to understand your idea, suggesting modifications and support to build the product/prototype so that you can enjoy the success of IP protection.

Patent Search Services

  • Prior Art/Novelty Search
  • Invalidity Search
  • Freedom To Operate
  • Infringement Search/Analysis
  • Knock out Search
  • Patent Landscape

Patent Drafting and Filing Services

  • Patent Drafting (Provisional & Complete Specification)
  • Patent Illustrations
  • Patent Proofreading
  • Patent Filing
  • Reply to FER
  • Patent Administrative Work
  • Pre and Post Grant Support


  • Feasibility of Copyrights
  • Copyright Drafting
  • Copyright Filing
  • Reply to Examiner’s Queries
  • Copyright Administrative Work


  • Logo Designing
  • Trademark Search (Basics and Advanced)
  • Trademark Draft & Filing
  • Reply to Examiner’s Queries
  • Trademark Administrative Work


  • Design Illustrations
  • Filing Design Applications
  • Reply to Examiner’s Queries
  • Design Administrative Work


  • Evaluation of Ideas and Suggest modifications as per prior art search report
  • Support to Innovators for developing Prototypes/Working models/designs
  • Drafting & Filing applications to protect IP

Set Up Center for Innovation (IPR Cell)

  • Sensitization of passionate innovators and researchers
  • Set up “Center for Innovation” at Educational Organizations/Research Labs/Industries
  • Idea Evaluation and Modification
  • Support for Prototypes/Working models/designs
  • Drafting & Filing applications to protect IP


  • One-Day Training/FDPs on "Introduction to IPR"
  • One-Day Hands-on Workshop/FDP on "Reference Managing Tools (Mendeley & EndNote)"
  • Two Days Training/ FDPs on "Basics of Intellectual Property Rights"
  • One Week Workshop/ FDPs on "Prior Art Search using Free and Paid Tools"
  • 15 Days Training/ FDPs on "Essentials of Thesis Writing"
  • One Month Training/ FDPs on "How to Draft your Patent Applications"
  • Six Months Course in Patent Practice

Service Verticals

  • Engineering (All Domains)
  • Medical Science
  • Life Science
  • Basic & Applied Sciences
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture & Design

Services For

  • Individuals (Innovators & Inventors)
  • Startup/Entrepreneurs
  • Research labs
  • Educational Organization
  • Corporate/Industry